I’ve got a tangle

sad toastIt’s a sad day, but you heard it right… I’m giving up blogging.

Sort of…

I’ve switched to Tangler as a blogging platform. Crazy I know.

There’s some reasons why Tangler isn’t the best thing to use for blogging, but hey, neither is twitter. The reason I switched (and I know this is pretty biased) is it’s lightweight. I’ve been using twitter and noticed that the ease of posting really made a difference to whether I’d blog. WordPress posting is clunky clunky clunky. Twitter shows that’s real.

I also found the structure made it hard to just throw up random thoughts. I wanted something lighter; I thought of twitter, but it was just a little too lite – I want conversation, I want to share pictures and video, and I want to make complete sentences without running out of characters.

This isn’t really about wordpress being bad, or twitter being… well… twitter. It’s about something that works better for a particular use case. I want to talk about stuff with people. I’m no sage. I’m not the expert. Blogging seems tuned towards a master-slave relationship between poster and reader. <booming echo on>”Hello down there inferior minions restricted to comment scraps I allow you.”

Tangler is incredibly easy to post. Comments become discussion. And the real-time nature makes it an online community, not a newspaper. And anybody can create a new topic; yep, that’s right, you can come in and create a post on my blog tangle. Got an issue with me. A question you think other readers might want to discuss. Go for it. Me casa, you casa.

So thus Marty’s Tangle was born.


(Tangler is now in public beta, so you don’t need a login to view)

This is the first case (I think) of someone switching to Tangler for blogging, so I don’t expect things to be smooth (like there being no RSS feeds or trackbacks just yet). Keep giving me feedback as we go along. It’s not Tangler’s primary use case, but damned if tha’s gonna stop me.
(Photo by seawallrunne)


4 comments so far

  1. Lachlan Hardy on

    Actually, Marty, I think what you really want is probably a tumblelog. They rock :)

    Still, I reckon this will be an interesting experiment for you!

    And as soon as you guys hook up those RSS feeds, I’ll be able to start reading you again… Or you could integrate hAtom ;)

  2. Mike Cannon-Brookes on

    Surely no RSS feeds is an immediate killer as ~80% of people (more?) read your blog via RSS. If you’re not in my newsreader, you might as well not exist mate!

  3. dekrazee1 on

    That might be the point Mike. Looks like Marty wants a format change from ‘I write->others read’ to ‘I write->we discuss’ (or even ‘we write-> we discuss’).

    Less broadcasting, more conversing?

  4. Martin Wells on

    Yep, mike that’s true (as I said in the post). But RSS is not too far off for Tangler, so I thought I’d start early.

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