My Media Consumption

Chris has tagged me in the media consumption meme, so here’s the rundown on my relationship with modern media:

Web: I rely on RSS predominently for news, around 400 feeds last count. I use Omea (just the reader version, I found Pro to be overkill). Omea is a desktop client, so it’s blindingly fast and lets me read news offline. Feeds are organised into folders based on priority for me “Tech News”, “Competitors Watch”, etc. The non-priority feeds like “Advice” are tagged so I can browse those during slow periods. The really really cool thing about Omea is the rules system. I tag feeds on whether they’re important or casual and then auto-expire them.

The key thing for RSS is Serph (which I’m beta testing, thanks Hiten) and Technorati both of which let me get a dynamic feed of blog entries matching keywords (Serph consistently finds more than Technorati).

Radio: I listen to ABC newsradio in the car on the way to work once or twice a week. It makes me feel like I still have a connection with the rest of the real world. That’s about it really. Edge FM sometimes if I’m bored.

TV: Huh? Oh, I remember that now. They had it when I was a kid. But seriously, I watch TV maybe once a month specifically for sport.

Movies: Love love love ’em. Unfortunately only have time for 1 maybe 2 per week. Mostly DVDs.

Communications: Email, Tangler (now almost as much as email), SMS, Skype. I get email pushed to a KJAM, so I’m pretty much always on it. Used Twitter for about 2 weeks before I took it out the back and shot it. The phone only when I’m forced to.

Magazines: I get suckered in to subscribe to stuff every once in a while, but generally it’s too much work for too little information. Some that are (maybe) worth it (sometimes): Economist, Anthill, Red Herring

Music: Tons of MP3’s on my notebook, synced with my KJAM and media centre.

That’s it really… let’s hear it Tara, Mick, Chris, Craig and Mike.


6 comments so far

  1. Mick Liubinskas on

    Done like a dustbin.

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  4. Pierre on

    Talking about RSS, where is the feed of you blog? ;)

  5. Martin Wells on

    It’s in the source… haven’t added a link on the page (I should do that soon).

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