Life in Silicon Beach

Bondi Beach SydneyNice article in the AFR yesterday about aussie startups in Sydney. Great to see people like Mark Jones and Joshua Gliddon taking the time to do this.

In the article they named Sydney as “Silicon Beach” and it struck me as a perfect description of what it’s like here as a startup in the internet space. I like it. Let’s make it stick.

BTW: Does anybody know who coined this?


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  1. Frank Arrigo on

    it’s Mark Jones :)

    and I do like the name too

  2. Martin Wells on

    fixed. ugh. thanks mate.

  3. Richard Giles on

    Sydney beaches suck though. I think the label is much more appropriate for Perth! ;)

  4. Martin Wells on

    Where’s Perth?

  5. Nik Cubrilovic on

    Wollongong Beaches > Sydney Beaches

    The ‘gong is the real Silicon Beach

  6. Chris Saad on

    LOL @ Where’s Perth – Zing!

  7. I did a poll on whirlpool forums about what people
    think about silicon valley of Australia.
    And answer was Sydney
    I cant agree more then that.

  8. Dallas Freeman on

    I see Brisbane as a very competitive area for IT businesses, we’ve witnessed a lot of local startups that have gone succesful and international.

  9. Stu on

    I remember when the brown trout jokes went around about bondi and other beaches. Fun swimming in those silicon waters.

    But seriously, is Sydney seeing a lot of investment into internet startups?

  10. Martin Wells on

    There’s certainly funding going on. But nothing like Silicon Valley levels.

  11. David Bolliger on

    Hi guys, actually it was me on the phone to Joshua Gliddon who coined “Silicon Beach”. Our offices are in Bondi, and we’ve got a project going called “The Bondi Project”. Joshua was interviewing me on the phone in my car as I was parked near the beach, and I’d just come back from the Valley. He was asking me what I thought was stirring all the local activity in our space, and it occurred to me that we were all part of something larger that needed a name.

  12. Martin Wells on

    Nice one Dave. Thanks.

  13. Karl Scott on

    I thought the Gold Coast had already nabbed Silicon Beach (or tried to)

  14. Karl Scott on

    Oh, hang on, you mean THAT type of silicon…

    But seriously, the GRITF/Bond Uni/Founders Forum set I thought were pushing for the GC to be the Silicon Beach

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