All I can say is wow. Steve Jobs has announced the iPhone and it’s mind bogglingly good. And as Mick pointed out to me this morning: Microsoft’s huge announcement was that the Zune is going to support games, yeah, games… oh in July 2008.  Someone just got pwned.

The markets seem to like it. Apple up 8%, Blackberry down 6%.

Now I have to wait till June to get one.


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  1. craigbbaker on

    Phong and I made a bet this morning, I said Marty is going to have one within 2 weeks.

  2. Martin Wells on

    I called Steve to arrange it and half-way through his phone crashed and it dropped out. Oh well.

  3. Stephen Collins on

    Except, Asia (I assume us Aussies included) aren’t going to have the iPhone until 2008. So unless you can somehow grab an unlocked one from the US somewhere and get it to work with an Australian telco, we’re all screwed.

    As it is I can’t get the Gmail or iSkoot apps to work on my V3 on Optus (and they are both supposed to).

  4. Martin Wells on

    No doubt it’ll be either unlocked or someone will crack it within a month or so. Then just get one in direct via expansys (or a friend traveling there — like me!)

  5. Lachlan Hardy on

    As it stands, its internet access will be crippled in Australia due to lack of 3G

    By the time they plan to deliver in 2008, they’ll probably have a 2nd generation with at least 3G (or what’s the point?), but it does kind of kill the prospect of just shipping one out here earlier. For me, at least

    Oh, and the iTunes dependency is somewhere I’m unwilling to go. But I’ve always said that a buttonless changing interface is the best way to go (apart from the need to look at it to use it) so I’m shattered

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