Welcome Back Mike

Let’s face it. Mike Arrington is TechCrunch. And the last few months have proven it. It’s like he’s been MIA for 6 months; we just didn’t know it.

After a series of departings by TechCrunch writers (all for good reasons), along with Mike heading off to the hills outside Seattle for some quality blogging time last month, Mike pretty much took backover the reigns of the blog and is posting daily. The result is a dramatic jump in the quality, insight and value of the postings.

Instead of the once-weekly poke in with a bit of gossip, Mike nows weighs in with real stuff daily. I don’t mind the company/product reviews, but I’d forgotten what made this blog great. Having an industry expert tell it like it is.

It’s post like this that made TechCrunch. It’s good to have you back Mike. We missed you.

Is this the bane of mega-blogging? That in the end they can’t be syndicated or productized. A blog needs its blogger, or it loses its soul.

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  1. Michael Arrington on

    Thanks very much Martin. Much appreciated.

  2. […] get me wrong, TechCrunch is like my Wheat-Bix – both digested daily – but I agree with Marty that Ive miss the cut-and-thrust at times.  […]

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