STIRR is coming

Huge Party!Wow, STIRR Sydney is 3 days away and we’ve managed to attract an amazing 90 people to the RSVP list. Maybe we’ll even crack the 100 by the time we get started this Wednesday. And to think I was silly enough to ask Mick (a marketing guy) if we could get enough people to fill the room.

Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions and awesome support. We’re working hard to make it a great night.

Things to do: get bubble machine, find a ninja constume, get a container big enough for the kool-aid, find someone named “Mike A.” and ask him to put his name on the RSVP list.

We trialed half-baked on friday with a bunch of Tangler and Dot people. Went great, learnt a lot, but it’s scary to try and do this with 90+ people. We’ll figure that out this week.

Oh, and the sponsors… mmm… sponsors… how can we say thanks enough – TVP, Neo Technology Ventures, Atlassian and Tangler.

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  1. Vishal on

    Great work and looking forward to coverage on this.

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