Get Stirred

I was at the Stirr Founder’s Mixer last night in Palo Alto and it was great. A really casual event for a few hundred (at least it felt like a few hundred) valley founders, investors and “between-company’ers”. Met some really nice, really smart people.

Four companies did presentations on their products — and they only had 60 seconds to do it. Kind of nice, since the audience didn’t have to spend too long hearing about a product they didn’t find interesting (for whatever reason). If you liked the CEO’s pitch you could go and see a demo at a booth they had setup. Companies presenting were:

Frucal – a mobile shopping tool (you just call in with a product’s ISBN and it’ll tell you the best online prices for it). Neat.

Kongregate – a social gaming system – submit games, earn rep points etc. seems to be mostly flash based.

Krugle – source code search for developers (talked with these guys about working with Tangler, might be interesting). Very nice solution to a common probnlem.

Liftopia – online lift tickets, nice.

Congrats to Sanford and his team for pulling off another great event.

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