The Week 2.0 That Was

I’ve just dropped Mick and Cameron Reilly off at the airport, which sort of marks an end to Web 2.0 week in San Francisco. It was a 24-hour-a-day flurry of geekery, cars, food, parties, presentations and San Francisco-style (of which it has a lot). Events: Widgets Live, ISPCon, Web 2.2, Citizen Summit and Aussies Invade Techcrunch. The usual hype of the valley, on steroids.

Shouts out to all my co-conspirators this week: Richard MacManus, Nik Cubrilovic, Mike Cannon-Brooks, Chris Saad (and Nik), Cameron Reilly, Big Mick, Chris Mesina and Tara Hunt… I’m sure I forgot someone, but I’m too tired to care.

The week that was…

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  1. Chris Saad on

    That duck was so cool :)

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