Widgets Live!

Widgets Live - Blog widget panelI attended the Widgets Live! (don’t forget the exclamation mark) on Monday in San Francisco. First issue: settle on a name. I counted 10 different terms used: widgets, gadgets, panels, miniapps, panes, objects, modules, slides, components and portlets. I’m going with “screenies” (you heard it here first)

The event was organized by Niall Kennedy and Om Malik (thanks guys it was great), so it certainly had pedigree, and it being the day before the juggernaught that is the ‘Web 2.0’ conference (the one that spawned the term itself) meant everybody who was anybody was in town and looking for some pre-conference action.

Really liked the format: one big room with constantly rolling presentations and speaker panels, a big hall, and good coffee (even though it ran out). There was a real buzz to the place that just came from the general ‘next web’ arena.

And the bad: for a web conference the wifi sucked. Fon (the wifi sponsor) should be slapped. 50% packetloss was not something to put your name to. Would also have been nice to get more power for notebooks (though I appreciate powering 300 notebooks can be a little tough). That aside, it was a great event.

Lots of photos.

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