New Kit

Checking out a DVD on the new HP nc8230Flew into the valley yesterday and have been catching up with people. I love this place. So many geeks I always feel right at home.

Picked up my new notebook(s) (bought one for Rhandy and Craig as well). HP nc8430: Core Duo 2, ATI 1600 with 256MB, 100GB 7200 rpm hdd, 2GB 667mhz ram, WSXGA+ display… screamer! Spent half the day installing and patching but it’s all up and running now.

The good: speed, speed speed, keyboard, dual mic’s, top notch display, zero heat issues, screen folds back, rock solid, light, cool little thumbprint reader for login, top graphics, it’s not a mac, nothing plugs in on the mouse side of the device, heat vents are on the left side (away from my hand).

The bad: boring grey, little thumb thing in the middle of the keyboard sometimes gets in the way of typing (though that seems to be lessening the more I use it), too fast – no time to make coffee, no hardware buttons for music, other than one on the left, the only other two usb’s are on the right side which clashes with the mouse (buy a hub i guess).

4 comments so far

  1. damo on

    Mmm nice! The new Core 2 Duos are really kickass. DIE AMD DIE! BAHAHAHAHA.

    How much did it set you back?

  2. Martin Wells on

    Dont ask.

  3. dek on

    Fwwwaaaahh…. I know nothing abt the specs you listed other than Core duo… but that’s a cool pic!

  4. craigbbaker on

    Now all we need are some really cool Tangler stickers to slap on the case.

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