Earning $900 per hour

Qantas planesBooking another flight from the US to Australia tonight (don’t ask why I book it the other way around). Thought I’d take a peek at the business class rates — mmm, comfy chair, the nice loos, leg room — OMG! $12,000. Ouch! Economy ranges from $1000 to $1500 depending on options and timing. I mean business class is nice, but at a $11,000 premium that’s just insane.

So ask yourself this question: would you like to earn $900 per hour just for sitting in a bad chair for 12 hours. :)

3 comments so far

  1. Darren on

    hehe – yeah – I looked at the same tickets last week and wondered who it was that was filling those seats. Web 2.0 might be coming along nicely but we might be a little way off that :-)

  2. damo on

    No ones ass is worth 12k! Economy for all!

  3. grant on

    not even my ass! LOL. Insane! (don’t click on my site yet since we are switching server and it’s ugly let me tell ya)

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