Dinner 2.02


Dinner 2.0 is a Sydney event designed to bring together people involved in local ‘next web’ companies.


Another one was held tonight and with some slightly too expensive [but very nice] food, alcohol, VCs, startups, consultants, and a location like the Centennial Hotel, you get a great setting for 3-4 hours of chatter on all things next web. Another great night with some fantastic people.


Thanks to everyone who attended. I was repeatedly told people had a great time, so I’m obliged to believe them! Next one should be late October, bigger and better. Maybe I’ll organize some startup demos (hmm… a Tangler preview perhaps…)


Attendees (which grew rather suddenly on me when everybody called at the last minute to ‘just squeeze in a friend’):


  • Peter Crowe (Quotify)
  • Marc Woodward (Neo Technology Partners)
  • Vivian Stewart (Hall Capital)
  • Kerry Pynor (TMD)
  • Rhandy Lado (Tangler)
  • Yorke Hindes (Zookoda)
  • Mike Cannon-Brookes (Atlassian)
  • Michael Liubinskas (Zapr)
  • Mike Zimmerman (Technology Venture Partners)
  • Nick McNaughton (Zookoda)
  • Timothy Hughes (netus)
  • Paul McCarney (Quotify)
  • Jeff Cotter (Simurban)
  • Craig Baker (Tangler)
  • Alex von Kotze (Tangler)
  • Ben Hamey (Simurban)


All the photos are here.

6 comments so far

  1. Mark Cohen on

    Really nice idea! Reminiscent of First Tuesday – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Tuesday

  2. Randal Leeb-du Toit on


    Count me in for the next one.


  3. Sydney 2.0 « Yoick - Hightechwire on

    […] Looks like Web 2.0 is gathering steam in Sydney — the guys are getting together for drinks and dinner — this is great to see. […]

  4. Nick Gonios on


    Looks like a great group of like minders next gen web players…..

    Bringing back the web vibe! I’m in!

    Nick Gonios
    Co-Founder and Exec Dir, Community Development

  5. Vishal on

    Martin Do you know if there are any meetings scheduled for Melbourne in coming months.

    It will be good if we can do this here, i can think
    there will be good interets for that.


  6. […] the spirit of Marty Wells’ Dinner2.0, Bronwen (from PerthNorg) and Richard (from Scouta) are organising a Perth version. I hope I […]

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