Crocodile Hunter Dies

Killed in a freak — “No nobody’s ever died from a Stingray. Wait, Steve! No! Steve! Don’t poke it with a stick…” — accident.

Love him, hate him, he was certainly a character, and probably the most “aussie” bloke on earth. We’ll miss you Steve.

[Update: and now it’s front page on CNN.]

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  1. oliverw on

    There’s that saying: “Play with fire, you get burned”. Top aussie bloke Steve Irwin was someone who ran into the metaphorical fire with a metophorical petrol can, all the friggin time. He did well to last this long.

  2. Jonathan on

    Like Steve’s Father said “it’s better than hit by a bus”. Indeed, Steve died doing what he loved.

    Steve always educated audience on the importance of environment from a none-tree hugger point of view (while driving his big 4×4), he entertained viewers (certainly me anyway) on different snakes and other cool animals around the world, and he also give outstanding contribution towards Australia tourism industry.

    I feel we have lost a great character, a friend (although I hate camping, I would love to go camping with Steve), a good father (has your dad feeding a croc while holding on to you, and the whole world made a fuss over it), a fun loving person, and a major fashion terrorist.

    To pay respect to Steve, I will go online and download the South park ep. 218 Prehistoric Ice Man [the crocodile hunter – Steve Irwin].

    FYI, for those who like me, who likes fast cars, V6, V8, turbo and big 4×4 (I am going to get a Hammer H3 when it arrive Australia next year!), make sure to watch the new documentary movie “An Inconvenient Truth”.

  3. mohammed on

    stev i hope you will go to heven and i know how you feel my uncil have that same acsdent i wish to say more but i dont now how to expres my felling to you .love prens mohammed

    can u geve me mony and a big presen

    im onle 12 yers old

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