TechCrunch 7

TechCrunch 7 PartyWow, what a night. Must have been 700-800 people, including just about every blogger and startup in the valley. I felt like I was wallowing in a sea of technology 2.0 – fantastic. Even met a whole bunch of aussies.

Now if only I could have heard anything Mike said.

4 comments so far

  1. Thomas Hawk on

    Hey Martin, nice meeting you last night.

    Here’s a shot of you from the party:

    All of my shots from last night are in a SmartSet on Zooomr here:



  2. Martin Wells on

    I’m famous!

  3. […] Who else attended: Robert Scoble, Dave McClure, Rob Christensen, Martin Wells, David Beach, Guy Kawasaki, Jeremiah Owyang, Thomas Hawk, Scott Beale. […]

  4. Sarah Meyers on

    Is this bubble 2.0? To see video of the TechCrunch7 crashers go here:

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