Simple VPN that works

At Tangler, we’ve been using a great little tool called Hamachi internally for a while now. It provides stunningly simple solution to a common problem — remote access to machines. Once you install Hamachi on a machine it can join a secure “virtual lan” that can extend across anywhere on the internet. Using Hamachi, you no longer think in terms of local networks — all the machines are just there.

Great things about it:

  • Hamachi installs as a network adapter, so it appears to the operating system as an actual network (you can ping it).
  • It’s highly secure using an open architecture.
  • It using a reverse connection server to negotiate around firewalls (just like Skype or Zapr).
  • It works on Windows, Linux and the HeatMaster3000 (Mac).
  • It has a fully functioning free version.
  • It works.

Hamachi has been recently bought by LogMeIn, Inc, which I hope will keep things running along the same track. Whilst I congratulate the Hamachi creators, I think they got out too early. This product is brilliant and had a long way to go before realising it’s incredible potential. I blame the VC community for not finding/investing sooner. :)

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  1. gloucester on

    howdy. technorati led me to your blog!

    I wouldn’t worry about logmein; from what i’ve been reading on both the official sites of L and H, alex pankratov, the guy who created Hamachi, is really happy with the purchase and is staying on to control things; it’s not like all of a sudden the program is in different hands. They’re keeping the program free too. I don’t know; I think things will be okay

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