Web 2.0 in Aus

I’m helping out a friend who is publishing a list on who is doing Web 2.0 things in Australia. If you’re doing something and want to be included, please drop me a line/add a comment.

10 comments so far

  1. Matt on

    Hi Marty

    Don’t forget Clay, Rachel and I over at Minti please :)


  2. Martin Wells on


  3. Kevin on

    been 3 years as a group, nearly one year as Pandora Squared…we should chat when the team returns to Sydney.

  4. Cris 'atariboy' Pearson on

    Not just web 2.0, but its a common topic at tequp.

    There is a weekly Melbourne tequp. I hope they pop up elsewhere.

  5. Ben on

    AgentArts has been around for a while (7 years) but we do pure recommendations and personalisation. Total Long Tail stuff.

  6. Lee on

    Hi there,

    I am sort of a web 2.0 entrepreneur in Sydney, Australia. You can check my sites out here – http://www.leenutter.com.au/ – although the only ‘real’ ‘web 2.0’ site is the fullfeeds petition which I have just completed – http://www.fullfeeds.com/

    Let me know what you think!

  7. Phil Morle on

    Hey Martin – did the list ever get published? I’d love to know whos-who in Australia. I’d also like to be added! :-)

  8. Martin Wells on

    Not yet Phil. They’re taking there sweet time about it too. I might put a list up on this blog in the meantime — I get continual enquiries about it.

  9. Bronwen Clune on
  10. Vishal on

    Martin :)

    Thanks for dropping on to my blog.
    It looks i have to update my list as i have found few more. I need more info from yoy guys as well.
    So will let you know when i update this list


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