500 Explanations of Web 2.0

37signals did a recent survey of their BaseCamp users, slipping in the question ‘What is Web 2.0?’

500 of the answers are posted on their site. It’s fun to read through and see the varying levels of answers, including:

“I’m assuming this is Internet 2?”

“The pendulum has swung back to the little guy for now. Now the big guys like Murduch have to buy the little guys like MySpace. Curious to see how the big guys will actually regain the upper hand technically beyond aquisitions. What moves does Microsoft have left to try to kill web 2.0? Is the public finally too smart to fall for trojan programs from Microsoft whose ultimate goal is the payment of high license fees down the road.”


“It means a renewal of the web industry, a mature streamlining of previously hodge-podge technologies under a single slick monicker, associated with stuff like AJAX.”

Collaboration, folksonomy, mashups.”

Survivors of the dot com boom. As well as old world ISP’s and telco’s that want to charge for access to so called “premium site content”.

And of course the wonderfully written comment:


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