Buying a Mac?

17-inch MacBook ProI’m thinking of buying a mac! Please… somebody help me. I’m caught in a whirlwind of marketing hype, sexy products and a power to run windows. I don’t want to be the nerd in the suit, I wanna be the cool guy played by that dorky actor from somewhere I can’t remember. Must… stop… thinking about silver hardware…glowing keyboards… shops without cash registers.
But seriously, if someone is running a macbookpro with windows tell me straight. Is it working for you? (And how hot does she really get?) Is it time for me to embrace my destiny…

[Update: here’s a nice article on the switch]

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  1. Renai LeMay on

    Mate they look like great machines … being able to run every operating system is pretty cool. But my personal opinion is hold off for a while – they’ve got some battery and discoloration issues at the moment.

    There’ll be a new batch out soon.



  2. Anthony Agius on

    Windows works great on the Intel Macs – I’ve got an iMac myself and can’t fault it. I work in an AppleCenter and we sell Windows XP installed on a Mac and no customers have come back to complain (and trust me, if something’s wrong, they’ll complain!).

    Heat, it gets pretty warm, but so do all other Core Duo laptops.

    If you’ve got any other questions, just ask :)

  3. Martin Wells on

    Thanks Anthony. Any 7200 RPM drive options? And how about 2GB ram?

    And above all… will I look cool?

  4. Andrew on

    I recently bought a 17″ MacBook Pro – my first Apple. I’ve been a PC user for years – although gained great enjoyment from the experience.
    The Mac is fantastic, an absolute pearler of a machine. I haven’t bothered to install Windows on it – the closest I’ve gotten is using Remote Desktop to control my PC.
    What will completely win you over is Quicksilver. It makes the Mac really fly (if it wasn’t great enough already).

  5. Ken Schaefer on

    I have Windows Media Centre running on a Mac Mini. That works just fine. Doesn’t get too hot, and performance is great.

    WRT to the comment earlier about Core Duo notebooks getting all getting hot: I disagree. I have (personally) a Toshiba Portege M400 which comes in a small form factor than the Macbook, and it doesn’t get hot at all. It’s much cooler than my Tecra M4 (which is a Pentium-M powered laptop). I’ve also got colleagues at an accounting firm that have IBM/Lenovo dual-core laptops and they don’t get as hot as the MacBooks either.

  6. Anthony Agius on

    “Thanks Anthony. Any 7200 RPM drive options? And how about 2GB ram?

    And above all… will I look cool?”

    Yes, you can option the machine with a 7200rpm 100GB drive if you like, it’s an extra $310 though – it’s not worth it unless you’re doing work with applications that can take advantage of the extra spindle speed. Most applications run almost identical in performance on the 5400rpm drive.

    2GB of RAM is a must – Macs love RAM – the more you put in it, the better. I’ve always bought my Macs with that little bit of extra RAM that is normal (I’m running 2GB of RAM on my iMac and hanging out for the new PowerMac replacement so I can pop in 4GB of RAM in a machine). If you’re ordering from the Apple online store, skip the RAM option and buy it yourself from a store. Apple wants $770 for 2GB of RAM in the base model MacBook Pro.

    You can pick up 1GB PC-5300 DDR2 SO-DIMMs from any computer store and it will work fine in a Mac. You can also install them yourself *easily* – instructions are in the manual or online from the Apple support page. is a very reliable on-line store to get them from. They’re $165 ea and $10 shipping. Almost $400 cheaper than getting it from Apple.

    Wether you’ll be cool or not, I don’t know. I’ve been using Macs since 1993 and no-one’s ever told me I’m cool :p

    You may also want to check out my website – – it’s an Australian Macintosh forum with almost 7,500 members. Good to browse around and learn more about Macs and get into the Cult of Mac :)

  7. al on

    I would recommend waiting for the core2 chips to come out. Those things are really fast – and with apple, you should always wait for the second iteration (having said that I am typing this on a 1G 12″ powerbook, still running fine).

  8. Ben Barren on

    black macbook simple. like dave winer. maybe u will invent the next rss, opml or podcasting on it. bb

  9. Nik Cubrilovic on

    I got 120GB and 2GB of RAM, running XP and OSX (about to install Parallels). Just do it, its good

  10. Nik Cubrilovic on

    I got 120GB and 2GB of RAM, running XP and OSX (about to install Parallels). Just do it, its good

    beware of putting your own Ram in to save money, it will void your warranty. I have a friend who got screwed with that

  11. Jonathan on

    Statistically speaking, the macs are way better than pc, besides, we heard over 4 pc (dell) on fire; where there is only single news of a mac explodes.

    I had my white mac with 2.0 GHz DC since May 2006, with 2 gb ram ($160 from computer supplier), a external 3.5” SATA2 320GB HDD from Seagate ($155) with X-Craft hub casing ($55, with ability to plug in your wireless router at home for sharing) for home/office, and a 2.5” 80GB Samsung HDD for large files backups and Divx while travel. Or I can utilize my 60GB Ipod as a backup is well. Did I also mention the battery life is better on a mac than my work IBM T43.

    Oh ye, Marty you will look cool with a mac in a coffee! Just don’t get the black color.

  12. Andy on

    when the battery issues are rectified go with a black macbook. you’ll be one of ‘us’ in no time – you know those guys who rave on about their macs to anyone within earshot? yep, that’ll be you… they’re that good, you won’t be able to help it.

    grab parallels and you won’t be the nerd nor the dork – you’ll be a 2.0 ninja with all the weapons you need! :)

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