Ultimate Zombies

So I’m a gamer too, and whilst I don’t have a 360 (yet). I have to appreciate Dead Rising, the new game from Capcom.

In the true spirit of Dawn of the Dead, the game places you in a giant shopping mall in the process of being overrun by a couple of hundred thousand (or so) zombies. There are no preassigned weapons, you have to run through the hundreds of shops and grab whatever you can: frying pan, chainsaw, plates, jewelry, books, blow up dolls. All of which have unique ways of dolling out punishment to the living dead.

During the game you need to collect a series of items in order to make your escape – not suprisingly, some of these items are in dark places (car parks, basements, storage rooms), which happen to be riddled with brain eaters.

Simple, brilliant, can’t wait… someone hand me my boomstick.

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