Please Microsoft, Don’t be Lame Again

Video tourMicrosoft’s recent “awakening” to open beta programmes pleasantly suprised. The fact that anybody could jump on to their site and just download Office 2007 or Vista was a refreshing opening of the doors to new Microsoft products. I was happy for things to not work, happy to provide feedback, happy to listen to Scoble rant (I mean that in a nice way Robert).

But now, sigh, they plan to start charging for this privilege (and they’re closing it down for aussies — but I’m not going to go into that).

Three steps forward, two leaps back. Hey, maybe I should renew my MSDN subscription, it might be needed again soon.

Instead of shutting things down, embrace your new openess even more. Open up all those subscription docs and libraries you have. Give us betas across the board. You need to recapture the hearts of the early adopters, and there’s no better tool to do that than giving them access to the latest and greatest, bugs ‘n all. And to hell with the cost.

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