10 Reasons Why One Note 2007 rocks

Microsoft Office OneNote 2007Whilst I’m no Microsoft evangelist, I’ll give them credit where it’s due. Office 2007 has some issues (especially Outlook 2007 and speed) but generally it’s a major leap. What I really like though is OneNote. Here’s 10 fast reasons why:

  1. It’s fast. Really fast. You can load, create a page and be writing in a few seconds.
  2. Tags, with searchable organisation. I can throw all sorts of stuff in there and just tag something with “Blog”, “todo”, “personal”. I can then see a structured search showing me only the selected items I want.
  3. Follow-up flags are simple to add and serve as automated reminders.
  4. Its an office app, so it plays nicely with everybody and integrates beautifully with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and best of all, Outlook.
  5. Keyboard shortcuts for anything, including a system-wide Windows-N to create a quick note from within any other application.
  6. You can take a photo of a business card and it’ll let you extract the details as text (cool).
  7. You can record audio of your meetings (I use my Pocket PC) and it’ll let you search the contents (cooler).
  8. Editing almost as good as word — tables, drawing, spell checker.
  9. You can just type in simple calcs (like 100*25=), and One Note will complete it for you.
  10. You can download and run it for free as a part of the 2007 beta.
  11. It syncs perfectly withmy Pocket PC. (OK, so that’s 11 things… sue me)

I wonder when they’ll add blogging support directly from a OneNote page.

3 comments so far

  1. Delicate Genius on

    12. Vastly improved printing.

    I’ve been using OneNote for year and totally agree with your 10 (11) reasons. I was happiest to see that the printing side has improved heaps over OneNote 2003 (wow that’s such a long time ago).


  2. kurt libby on

    how does it sync with your pocket pc? as notes?

  3. Martin Wells on

    There’s a onenote mobile app that you install on the pocket pc.

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