66% of Users Still Running at 1024×768 or Lower

Below is a table of the resolutions being run for visitors to another blog of mine (stats by Performancing). Can this be right? Are 66% of users running 1024×768 or less? I can beleive it. I just don't want to. [And here I am running on a 24" at 1920×1200 – and thinking it was a little small lately.]

Resolution # %
1.   1024×768 1157 51%
2.   800×600 350 16%
3.   1680×1050 254 11%
4.   1280×1024 157 7%
5.   1152×864 76 3%
    Other 253 11%


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  1. Gavin Ellerby on

    Yep – I’d believe it! Also depends on the type of web site visitors you have. I bet most of them have paying the rent as a first priority ;).

    I can see the productivity gains and Calacanis has made a point of this for his workers at AOL, but for me a second 17″ @ 1280×1024 will do and its cheaper. Though I’d prefer just one screen.

    I’m using a 17″ Viewsonic VX790 3ms at the moment.

    You must have paid a few thousand for that monitor?

  2. Martin Wells on

    AUD $1200 I think. So, pretty cheap really. :)

  3. Gavin Ellerby on

    At work we got all new 17″ Samsung LCD’s with a native res of 1280×1024. The majority of them have lowered the res to 1024×768 and 800×600 because its too hard to see otherwise. So again, it depends on your audience.

  4. Craig on

    I think Gavin is spot on, people will set the resolution lower because “it’s hard to see”. Windows does a terrible job of allowing users scale the desktop, so people are forced to drop the resolution.
    The good news is Windows Vista’s vector graphics, that should let us scale our desktop without compromising on image quality.

  5. Duncan on

    It doesn’t surprise me a lot, people prefer there big stuff, my mother has a 19″ screen which she runs at 800×600 :-). I had to check my settings though, I only just beat this at 1280×1024 on my 17″ LCD…the reality is that LCD’s are still pretty expensive for most people, and running a startup means I haven’t really got a stray $1200 to pay for a 24 inch screen…no matter how much I’d like to :-)

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