The Daily Riddle

The RiddlerI love games/riddles/puzzles/etc — anybody who's heard about the Christmas parties I like to throw my staff at the end of each year will understand what "survivor meets the amazing race" really means (I need to blog about that soon; have some great photos from the last one).

Over the years I've collected a vast array of riddles (oh no, I hope that doesn’t mean I have a hobby… it’ll be carpentry next).

Anyway, some of these riddles I've written, others are just the ones I've collected that I thought were beautiful both mentally and literally. Unfortunately, most riddle sites on the web seem to be run by Einsteinian 14-year-olds wearing lab coats who seem to just throw up any old garbage (e.g. "How many letters are in the alphabet?" — I hope you anwered 11)

So I thought it might be good to share the best ones I have with the world… slowly. And of course in the true web 2.0 spirit I created an RSS/wordpress/feedburner powered blog aptly named to kick things off. I'm using the blog to post a selected riddle each day and give everybody 24 hours to comment with the answer. Hope you enjoy them and feel free to submit any you personally like… I’ll send you a Tangler cookie if it's any good.

And thanks to Nik who pushed me to announce this.

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