The Hall of Mirrors

glance.jpgI've started using Glance as a tool for doing web demos and presentations. It's a great little application that does simple, quick sharing of what's on your desktop with other users over the internet. Basically they can see what you're doing on your machine using only a browser (they don't need to download and install anything). It's neat (that's my new word after being in the US too long).

Whilst testing Glance I decided to try connecting to myself! Hmm I thought, will it do what I think it will? Yep. It rendered my desktop in my browser window, but the picture it rendered contained the browser, so it then updated the desktop containing the picture of the desktop, and so on. The Glance hall of mirrors! It's geeky, but I still love it.

And please Glance, change your pricing model. $50 a month is just an opportunity for someone else to trump you. $5-$10 is more like it for such a simple service.

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