You know it’s 2006 when…

No blog is complete without a meaningless 10-point list of something, so here goes.

You know its 2006 when…

  1. You can communicate with your friends “quickly and easily” using at least 15 different instant messaging systems.
  2. You use your PDA’s push email system to tell you when to go check email on your PC.
  3. You understand the myth of media centres is a Tivo.
  4. You marvel at the bits in films that don’t have something computer generated in them.
  5. You discover there are no limits to what you can sell on eBay, and what people will buy.
  6. You’re counted as a MySpace user, though you can’t remember actually signing up — apparently things are “going great for you and you’ve got tons of friends!!!”
  7. Your screensaver interrupts you watching movies.
  8. By the time you finish upgrading all the PCs in the house, the oldest ones are out-of-date again.
  9. You tag.
  10. You share photos with complete strangers, and then love it when they leave comments.
  11. Geeks are cool again… as long as they stick 2.0 at the end of what they’re working on.

2 comments so far

  1. dimwittedmusings on

    I hope you’re really excited about this comment, as I will be so utterly excited about yours when it arrives (assuming it does). Your list is 100% factual I must say. :)

  2. fattylishous on

    lol…thats so true man you should poast that evry were

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