Tangler’s 1st Birthday

Tangler turned 1 the other day — whilst we’ve been working at this for about 18 months, we became an “official” incorporated entity 12 months ago.

So we threw a hugely expensive silicon valley style internet startup mega-bash involving the entire team (all 7 of us) and a small muffin.

5 of the teamMuffin debateCakeClient TeamCodeThe Team

It’s been a great year, and in hindsight I think we’ve done exactly what we set out to acheive: concentrate as much as possible on realising the vision and building a great product foundation for the future. That’s been acheived with a minimum of distraction.

Thanks to a great team of stunningly bright and motivated people (Rhandy Lado, Alexander von Kotze, Scott Garnett, Craig Baker, Phong Mai and Minh Tran).

Can’t wait for the next 12 months…

1 comment so far

  1. Jonathan on

    Congratulations on the setup of Tangler!
    Happy birthday to Tangler’s 1st Birthday.

    Can’t wait for the Tangler disable from the Ninja Mode and activate samurai killing mode.

    How are you martin, it’s been a long time since we spoke last. Please send my regards to GI and Kids


    Jonathan M

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