Tangler on Rocket Boom

Rocket BoomAsk any number of people off the street what their ultimate goal in life is and most likely 9 out of 10 won’t tell you they want to be featured by Amanda Congdon on Rocket Boom. Actually most have probably not even heard of Rocket Boom. For the rest of us though (and I mean that in a very non-elitist-you’ll-be-a-fan-soon kinda way) it was lovely to see Tangler have 15ns of fame during today’s feature (watch carefully about 60 seconds in). I wonder if Amanda will talk to me at parties now…

3 comments so far

  1. John on

    Spoke with Amanda she says ‘Thanks but no thanks. Nice blog though’.

  2. Martin Wells on

    Damn… maybe I should have chosen a better picture of her.

  3. Jamie on

    Just searching on google and found your site. It was ranked fairly high on google to. Anyway just looking around to see why.

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