Tangler Featured on TechCrunch

Tangler on TechCrunchTangler was featured on TechCrunch yesterday and I have to thank Nik for a great write-up, especially considering the little information we were letting him release. We’ve since received nearly a thousand tester registrations (in under 24 hours), as well as lots of emails and calls – amazing what one blog post can do for a startup.

I’m really pleased with how much Nik “got” our product concepts, especially in understanding the uniqueness of what we’re trying to do and the technology behind it. Being a new concept makes it hard to describe sometimes, and people tend to leap to conclusions. Nik took the time and had the ability to understand the difference (and no, we are not simply an ajax web chat system – not that I have anything against web chat systems).

When Nik first suggested we disclose some details on TechCrunch I was concerned it was still too early for us. I’ve seen startups get bubbled up on hype (with no substance), so I wanted to make sure people didn’t perceive us this way. Ultimately though we can’t do this alone, and the chance to attract some quality testers and other support was too good to pass up. After seeing the flurry in the past 24 hours I can’t thank him enough.
Anyway, enough gushing.

Thanks also to Ravneet from Emergintex and Ahmed Bilal, who both did some congitating on what instant grouping might mean for the future.

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  1. Fiido Founder > Gavin Ellerby on

    Tangler’s landing page is eye-catching.

    The last couple of days I’ve been thinking about doing something with the default homepage at Fiido.com. Currently there is no public information to post, since Fiido is still a stealth company. I will probably soon put up a link…

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